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We strive for greatness

We’re a close-knit local company. We believe that individual health builds community well being. Our goal is to empower companies through specialized care for every member of the team. We truly enjoy the opportunity to help people relax and recharge so that they can fully engage and thrive.

Our practitioners

Our therapists are sought out, vetted, skilled, trained, equipped, driven, connected, and prized. And, of course, totally legit.

Massage techniques



Reduce stress. Decompress. Revitalize. Boost immune system. Increase blood and lymph fluid circulation. Relieve fatigued muscles. Reduce arthritic pain. Stimulate the body's natural self care mechanisms.



Trigger point therapy and neuromuscular therapy. Remove adhesions and break up scar tissue. Relieve muscle spasms. Reduce chronic and acute muscle, tendon, and fascia disorders.



Prior to physical activity: protect against pain and injuries, increase blood flow and flexibility, boost performance and muscle efficiency. Following activity: accelerate recovery and restore normal muscle tone and range of motion.



Assisted stretching and muscle energy techniques like Post Isometric Relaxation & Reciprocal Inhibition. Yoga therapeutics for building strength and flexibility.



ART® is a collection of soft tissue techniques for examination, diagnosis and treatment of soft tissue disorders. It is a non-invasive healing procedure that locates and breaks down scar tissue and adhesions that cause soft tissue injuries. ART® targets very specific problem areas and heals through a unique combination of pressure, tension and motion. This method releases, stretches and loosens connective tissue adhesions or scar tissue, allowing the restoration of circulation, range of motion and strength. Learn more about ART®